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Every time you tear a leaf off a calendar, you present a new place for new ideas and progress.

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Charles Kettering. Time You Progress New Year's. Once you change the technology - from a film camera to a video camera, or from an 8-mm camera to 16 mm - you change completely the content. With 8 mm, a leaf on a tree will be made up of maybe four grains. So it's very impressionistic, almost like Seurat. If you switch to 16 mm, the technology gives you hundreds of grains on that leaf. Jonas Mekas. Change Technology Tree You. I turn over a new leaf every day.

But the blots show through.

Life Lessons From the Autumn Leaf

Keith Waterhouse. Day Every Day New Turn. Top 10 Leaf Quotes. View the list. I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars. Walt Whitman. I especially remember that on All Souls Day, when so many people wanted new monuments for the graves, our whole family pitched in. I did the lettering on the stones, my brother did the carving, and my sisters put the finishing touches on them, the gold leaf and all that.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Family Day Brother People. If you are bitter, you are like a dry leaf that you can just squash, and you can get blown away by the wind. There is much more wisdom in forgiveness. Vusi Mahlasela. Wisdom Forgiveness You Wind. My coming to faith did not start with a leap but rather a series of staggers from what seemed like one safe place to another. Like lily pads, round and green, these places summoned and then held me up while I grew. Each prepared me for the next leaf on which I would land, and in this way I moved across the swamp of doubt and fear.

Anne Lamott.

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Faith Me Fear Green. We will all, someday, experience death, and become obsolete as a dead leaf falling from a tree, crushed by passersby to ashes underlying the earth.

Frank Sinatra - Autumn Leaves

Kim Elizabeth. Death Tree Experience Dead. One of the great lessons the fall of the leaf teaches, is this: do your work well and then be ready to depart when God shall call. Tryon Edwards.

Autumn Leaves Assisted Living Pay & Benefits reviews

Work God Great Fall. This is a coca leaf. This is not cocaine. This represents the culture of indigenous people of the Andean region. Leaves are usually green because of chlorophyll. It is chlorophyll that gives leaves their distinctive green color, and it is along with sunshine the key ingredient in the magical, life-producing process of photosynthesis.

With the winter season coming, and the process of photosynthesis being without the key ingredients of warmth and sunshine, trees begin to break down chlorophyll.

The beauty has been there all along. And we as human beings are like this. Each one of us contains hidden jewels inside. Every new atom is a guide towards God. I see the colors as being different divine qualities that are present inside each of one of us at all times: compassion, justice, kindness, forgiveness. Most of the time these divine qualities are masked, covered up, hidden by our ego self. Greed, lust, anger, selfishness mask these divine qualities.

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What masks the divines qualities the colors is not our humanity, something I see ultimately as a reflection of God but rather our ego, our tendency to see ourselves as a mere terrestrial creature. We see ourselves a mere flesh creature, cut off from God, cut off from one another, cut off from the natural cosmos. And there is something similar that happens inside us when we let go of this ego self, of selfishness, of being cut off and isolated. We take our color from God, and who is better than God at coloring?

Of Letting Go & Moving On, “Autumn of My Life” by Bobby Goldsboro

This fear of letting go of our notion of a limited self is real. We are all afraid of death. Any death. All death. Letting go of this earthly life is frightening. Letting go of any prejudice, any preconceived notion, any notion of identity is a form of death. As more wise sages have told us, we come into this world covered in feces, urine, and blood; we leave it naked covered in a cloth. The mere reflection on our own mortality frightens us.

Most of us spend our life in denial, pretending that we are eternally immortal. What loveliness there is in the death of one color, and the shining through of all the divine colors. Pay based on use. Group Subscription. All the benefits of Premium Digital plus: Convenient access for groups of users Integration with third party platforms and CRM systems Usage based pricing and volume discounts for multiple users Subscription management tools and usage reporting SAML-based single sign on SSO Dedicated account and customer success teams. Learn more and compare subscriptions.

26 Autumn Quotes to Celebrate the Magic of a New Beginning – Healing Brave

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