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These are just my opinions, of course; funniness might be even more subjective than sex appeal. But you know who I recently learned makes me laugh as hard as anyone in print? Martial, the ancient Roman poet and satirist — an actual 2,year-old man and still funny! An astute social observer and a decent armchair psychologist, he was skilled at dissecting hypocrisy, puncturing braggadocio and deflating snobbery, though he could be a hypocrite, braggart and snob himself.

As an epigrammatist, he has a leg up on other classical poets in appealing to the short attention spans of modern audiences; he would have been great on Twitter, and rappers might well appreciate his flair for the corrosive put-down. He has another advantage in writing frequently and explicitly about sex, a topic that will remain funny as long as there are human beings and senses of sight, sound and smell.

For example:. But she sleeps with boys. Get it? I wish Lycoris would befriend my wife.

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How do you say ba-dum-bump in Latin? Lausus, if thirty are good, the book is great. I do feel qualified, as someone who has occasionally made his living writing one-liners, to say that McLean has an excellent feel for joke rhythms and punch lines. Please refresh the page and retry. H uman curiosity is a powerful thing.

Funny Kid for President (Funny Kid, Book 1)

Over the centuries, the inquisitive mind has led to the discovery of the Milky Way, gravity, the light bulb and countless other scientific marvels. Does It Fart? The title may be jovial, but before you write off this recent publication as the latest novelty stocking-filler coming to a charity shop near you soon, it's worth knowing that it was born of genuine curiosity, a hive mind of zoologists who realised just how little they know about animal digestion and a genuine determination to spread knowledge about conservation.

Since being published on Tuesday, it has sold tens We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. But then their invention is stolen by two terrible twins, Truls and Trym. Doctor Proctor, Nilly and Lisa have to get it back. The story was very funny, imaginative, with a good story line and interest I like the book because it has lots of humour and I like funny books. Introduction Doctor Prockters Fart Powder, the most amazing and hilarious book and I haven't even read it all and I already love it.

Synopsis This is about an inventor that makes an invention to help him become rich because he is poor. But the twins Truls and Trym try to steel it.

An interview with one half of Vic and Bob.

Description Its good book because its not some thing that you would see every day. Evaluation Over all it was good. And I haven't even read it all yet. So imagean how good it will be when I finish it.

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I disliked the book because when I read the first few pages it was quite boring, to me it was not really as intriguing as I thought it would be. The main character is the person who tries to make the fart powder, but the main event is about a boy who eats the powder and suddenly farts a lot.

Overall in my opinion I did not like the book, I wouldn't say its bad, but I wouldn't say its good. I would recommend it to people who are bored as there are really interesting parts. This book I found boring at the start but as I read more, I began enjoying it a bit. I think its a slow book and does need to talk more about the story.

Evaluation I think this bood is for people older than This book was very good but there are a few issues, like the beginning, but I would recommend it for a high standard year 6. It was a hilarious, satisfying, outstanding book. I think it was one of the funniest, most inventive books ever. The book was good because it was in enjoyable funny and detailed. The bad thing it little too easy to read.

Bob Books - Set 1, Book 3

I think this is a good book for people because it describing how the prefacer make a funny Pocono and it makes people fart. I think it is a funny book also it has a lot of description.

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The book was ok because it was a little bit funny and it was to detailed. I would read it because it is a little bit funny but I will recommend it to people who likes funny books. I don't think it was that funny not as much as I thought it would be. And there is not a clear plot.

In year 7 we experienced the sensational Book Buzz. I chose this book out of the variety of books because its bright cover. It's also 'Wickedly Entertaining. I think that Doctor Proctors Fart Powder is amazing to read. The best part of the book is the ending and i would recommend this to boys and girls.

This book is very funny and hilarious,I think even grown ups would love this book! The book is about two children, Nilly and Lisa, that met when Nilly moved house next to Lisa. The two children meet a crazy Doctor that develops an amazing invention that could blast people up into space, however someone wanted this invention to make some money.

I recommend this book to readers aged The book was a good read once getting into it although the book was extremely boring at the start. There was a lot of old jokes that I and many more may not of understood. Including the comedy from both and the idea of the bullies from one of David Walliams' latest books. The title got you into the book and made you want to read but the start let you down.