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Accessibility is about minimising barriers to play including, entrances and exits, movement around the space, access to play equipment and play experiences. Being inclusive is more than just being accessible.

But all children should be able to play in a way that includes them and that they enjoy. Read more information about play spaces.

Play that includes every child

If it seems appropriate, you can also ask their parents, siblings or friends. It may not be possible to do everything that has been asked for but little changes often make the difference between somebody feeling included or not. Inclusion involves learning and being open to different ways of being and doing things. Sometimes our own attitudes and assumptions need to change, and sometimes we need to change the way we do things — for example:.

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  4. Things to think about Make sure playing is social Children play with their friends and family, and sometimes with whoever is where they are playing. Every Child Included in Education is seeking all stakeholders including ministers, commissioners, senior government officials, business, public and third sector leaders to increase collaboration, support and training for all providers and services across the country.

    Working together for the well-being of every child: Victor Azubuike, Student, University of Warwick

    Working collectively, Every Child Included in Education will deliver against five co-developed priorities outlined in its manifesto including: Promote kindness and wellbeing in education, business and third sector settings , where every child and young person is included every day.

    We need to address mental health, character, and resilience through culture and mutuality, celebrating tolerance, patience, friendship, creativity and problem solving. Further investment across all phases of education, beginning with the early years.

    This should result in a socially and culturally relevant curriculum, increasing attainment in reading, writing and maths, enhancing life chances and culminating in a meaningful destination for every child.