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Brown : Oh right, more like years. Michael Scott : Yeah, more like a 1, Brown : Okay, um. Uh, I'll try to make this quick.

The Office - Season 1

Anyone besides Michael? Ryan Howard : I have something. Brown : Yes, please.

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Ryan Howard : Um, well I grew up here in Scranton and when I was a kid the guy who lived next door was a former baseball player, who actually played pro ball before the leagues were integrated. And he had the most incredible stories about Michael Scott : Okay. I'm sorry, I'm sorry this guy's a temp and I should've told you that. Brown : No, no, no, no. An outsider's perspective would probably be pretty helpful. Michael Scott : Yeah, but no, seriously.

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Uh, you know, he's not a member of the full staff so, uh, Ryan, you wanna just step outside? Ryan Howard : What do you want me to do? Michael Scott : Well, maybe you should go down to the parking lot. You know what? Yes, go down to the parking lot and check to se if any of our guests have parked in the handicapped spots.

Oh, you know what. That ties right into New Attitudes. New attitudes about handicap people.

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Very important. Brown : I'm sorry, Michael. We're actually out of time. Pam Beesley : Yeah, um, there's good things about Michael. He uh, uh Yeah, definitely. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

IMDb More. Showing all 4 items. Customer Service. Cyber Security. Future of Work. Global Leaders. Great Stories. Human Resources. Internet of Things IoT. National Issues. Peak Performance.

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Personal Finance. Political Outlook. Team Building. TED Speakers. Thought Leaders. Trending Technologies. Women's Voices. Wellness and Balance.

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David Feherty. This is not in your face funny, it's more like sad but true funny, yet there are some hilarious moments, mostly invovling Jim and Dwight. Guest More than 1 year ago I only recently caught an episode of the Office and thought it was a pretty good show due to the lack of glamour and laugh track.

Now, this may seem quite un-attractive to say, but let me explain. This series has an absolutely wonderful ensemble cast. The characters and situations revolve around a quite boring mundane idea: a paper-selling office.

BUT, the characters and so-wrong-it's-funny situations they seem to find themselves in are what garner the laughs. It's a sad-but-true kind of funny. Awkward silences and dorky characters make this series shine.

You don't have characters that think they're funny and want you to laugh with them. You've got characters that you'll laugh AT, yet still like as people, for some weird inexplicable reason. Guest More than 1 year ago this is my favorite show. Guest More than 1 year ago This is a must buy. This show makes me laugh so hard. It's got a lot of great episodes. I wish it had bloopers. But other than that, it's a great DVD! Buy it. This turned out to be one of my best purchases in a decade, because starting fresh from the very beginning of the show made all the difference in the world.

Start with this season and you too will be hooked and will feel obligated to own the other seasons. Also on an important note: The deleted scenes are not like other deleted scenes in movies where they were cut out because they were dumb. Many of them are funnier than actual clips that were aired, but they just didn't fit in the time-frame. Warning: This show may not be for everyone, but if you give it a fair try and don't like it, don't mention it to anyone for your very life's sake, because we Office "flans" will hunt you down and tickle you with fluffy fingers until you laugh.

Guest More than 1 year ago The show is outstanding, the DVD is amazing, and the comentaries are laugh out loud funny! Guest More than 1 year ago This show is soooo funny, it's just this simple show about these people who work at this boring job and every week something stupid but really funny happens. Totally buy it if you have a good sense of humor it's so funny. Related Searches. Brady Bunch: the Complete Series. Here's the story With all hilarious episodes on 20 discs , you'll want to re-live the laughs again and again!

It's the way they all became The View Product. Daria - The Complete Animated Series.