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See directions for pre-baking blind-baking pie crust. Roll the remaining piece of pastry large enough to cover the top of the pie, with just a bit of overhang. Once you've filled the pie, squeeze the bottom and top crusts together, then crimp them decoratively. Make several vents in the top of the crust, for steam to escape. Want a more elegant presentation? Instead of a solid crust, top your pie with pastry cutouts: stars, apples, strawberries, or the shapes of your choice.

See how it's done: Pretty as pie: playing dress-up. Pie with a pale, soggy bottom crust is usually the result of choosing a pan that doesn't conduct heat well. Darker-colored metal pie pans tend to become hotter, and transfer heat better, than stoneware, ceramic, or glass pans, and therefore brown crust more quickly. Stoneware or ceramic pie pans do have an advantage, however: their beauty. For Thanksgiving, a dinner party, or any time you're seeking a fancier touch, choose a handsome colored or painted ceramic pie dish instead of utilitarian metal.

And clear glass dishes have a "clear advantage" as well: you can peer underneath to see when the pie's bottom crust is sufficiently browned. Measure the diameter of the bottom of your pie pan. Next, measure its height.

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Add bottom diameter plus twice the height, plus an inch for good measure. If you don't want to do the math, a good shortcut is to roll the crust a bit larger than you think necessary, then place the pan upside-down on top of it. Trim crust to within 1" of the rim of the pan all the way around. It's difficult to get a thoroughly browned bottom crust using a shiny metal pan, like the inexpensive, disposable foil pan you may choose for a potluck.

For best results with a shiny pan, place the filled pie pan in a cast iron skillet and then into the oven. The cast iron will become super-hot, and will help the pie's bottom crust brown. Or put your pizza stone into the oven when you preheat it, and place the disposable pan on that. Our Pie Filling Thickener Guide offers a chart pairing common thickeners with an assortment of fruit fillings.

Apple pie with cornstarch? Blueberry with ClearJel? We've got your covered. Thickening fruit pie can be tricky.

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The juiciness of the fruit you choose will determine the amount of thickener to use, but it's never a sure thing; there are just too many variables, even within each fruit think storage apples vs. If you consistently make runny fruit pies, try this: prepare fruit pie filling by combining fruit and sugar - with or without thickener - and placing the mixture in a saucepan. Cook the fruit on top of the stove until it's about three-quarters of the way to the consistency you like. Cool the filling to room temperature. Spoon it into the crust, top with the second crust, and bake the pie as directed.

Take advantage of summer's fruits and berries by assembling pies, then freezing them to bake later. See our post Freeze and bake fruit pie: the fastest way to fresh-baked. Note: Don't try this with custard or cream pies; they'll become watery. Cream pies are usually made by spooning a fully prepared filling into a pre-baked crust. They're often topped with whipped cream just before serving: the cream helps balance their sweetness while also offering an elegant presentation.

Try these cream pie recipes:.

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Custard pies are based on eggs, milk, sugar, and often some other ingredient for flavor - such as brown sugar for a butterscotch pie. If it is a cooked custard type Lemon Meringue pie, then I use this pie crust recipe. Thanks so much! When I pre bake the crust in the mini tins should I prick the bottoms? Hi Susie, Yes, I would recommend pricking the bottoms for the pie crust for the mini quiche for pre-baking.

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I hope you enjoy them! Thanks for sharing such good recipes! I just used this one to make crust from scratch for the first time. I found it pretty manageable and was very happy with the result. At our summer camp and needed a pie crust for the fresh strawberries we bought yesterday at the farmers market. So I got everything together and it was a cinch to make!

Looks beautiful even before baking! I filled it unbaked with the strawberry slices, then saw the recipe called for a blind baked crust…took out the strawberries and baked it, then refilled it. Finally an easy crust I can actually make. Thank you!!

Have fun at camp and enjoy the pie crust! Thanks Barb! I have been using this recipe for years.

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I now work for a caterer and tried to make mini quiches using an industrial oven. Just pour them in, bake, pour them out. Looks like a good one. What you may have failed to mention was if the recipe was for one or two crusts?

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I assume it is for one but it did give me pause…Thank you for sharing your story about your Grandmother…heart warming and gives the recipe sustenance on an emotional level. I hope you enjoy it Carmela! My Grandmother was a very special person. Hi Jess!

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I make two crusts for my Apple Pie recipe. I hope you enjoy the pie! When I make a double crust, I have the best results making two crusts so as to not have to overwork and over-handle the double amount of dough. Thanks Dana! I hope you enjoy the process of making this pie crust — and the delicious end results of course! Thanks so much Wendy! I have been making my pie crusts with lard, I will never go back to butter and shortening. But thanks for the freezer tip, I will be trying that with my Thanksgiving pies! This is a wonderful recipe. Amazing for my apple pies. I only had one problem.

When I was trying to watch the video for it a commercial came up every three to five seconds. It was ridiculous.

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I ended up not even watching it. Hi Jessica, I do hope you enjoy the recipe and hope that you find the video helpful. Just scroll down to the video within my written post as there are no ads in that full length video. Only the side bar videos have any ads. Thanks so much. Hope this helps. Thanks for this easy delicious easy pastry.