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These reasons can be external, like stress and tension, or internal, like lack of sleep, dehydration, and improper diet. This is an aggravated condition of dark circles that makes the underside of eyes look sunken.

Most women opt for medical remedies for the improvement of this condition. However, there are plenty of home remedies that you can use as well. Even though these remedies take a fair amount of time to show results, it is always better to use natural ingredients that will have no side effects on your skin. Coconut oil keeps the skin hydrated and nourished.

Sunken Eyes – Causes And Remedies

Its antioxidants will heal the dull and damaged skin cells and give the under-eye area a natural glow 1. Back To TOC. Take a few drops of the oil on your fingertips and massage it on the affected area for a few minutes. This oil is known to condition the skin and keep it healthy and hydrated. Its antioxidants eliminate the free radicals that have made your under-eye area dull and dark 2 , 3. Be careful not to get any oil into your eyes as castor oil stings. If you do get any oil in your eyes, wipe them using a cotton swab and rinse with clean water. Dark circles and sunken eyes are usually the results of tiredness and fatigue.

Placing cucumbers on the under-eye area soothes and rejuvenates the skin. It also improves complexion and renders a glow to the skin 4. Take half a teaspoon of olive oil and massage this under your eyes before going to sleep at night. The benefits of using olive oil topically and in food are known to all. Its high antioxidant content makes it a wonderful remedy to treat sunken eyes 5. It contains oleuropein, which protects the skin and slows down the aging process 6. Rich in omega fatty acids, fish oil is an excellent remedy if you have sunken eyes or dark circles that are beginning to form.

These fatty acids maintain optimum health of the skin layers, are anti-inflammatory, and promote healing of the damaged cells 7. Almond oil is extremely gentle on the skin. It not only nourishes the skin but also improves the complexion and skin tone because of its emollient and sclerosant properties.

How To Get Rid Of Sunken Eyes

It also plays a role in reducing scarring, which means that it possesses skin renewal properties 8. The intake of vitamin K helps to lighten the under-eye area.


This vitamin improves blood flow to the area, thus helping to lighten the darkened skin 9. Foods such as broccoli, spinach, cabbage, carrots, and strawberries are rich in vitamin K and should be included in your daily diet. Other beneficial foods to treat sunken eyes include tomatoes, berries, potatoes, plums, and beans. The essential fatty acids present in avocado oil thicken and nourish the under-eye skin. This oil enhances the collagen production and wound healing processes of the body However, surgery is never without risks.

Dermal fillers involve an injection of hyaluronic acid into the sensitive tissue just below the eyes, so these may cause side effects. Surgical treatment is the best way to treat eye fractures, restore eye regularity, and balance the volume of the injured orbit in the case of eye injuries.

"Hollow Eyes" lyrics

For the following remedies involving application of substances to the area, a person should ensure they keep their eyes closed and avoid getting them into their eyes. Water is the most necessary thing the body needs to stay healthy. It affects every organ in the body, included the largest of them all - the skin.

Usually, people who have sunken eyes experience improvement by increasing water intake and limiting diuretic beverages.

Restylane Under Eye Filler

Sunken eyes are often an indicator that someone is not getting enough good quality sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults need about 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night, while infants, children, teens, and older adults may need more. Sunken eyes indicate that the skin below the eyes has lost nutrients. The space below the eyes can be nourished with almond oil, which is rich in vitamin E, a vital skin vitamin. Vitamin E oil is also another skin-nourishing option. Both almond oil and vitamin E oil are available for purchase online. Potatoes contain vitamin C, enzymes, and starch to nourish the thin skin below the eyes.

And the coolness of the raw potato reduces inflammation of blood vessels to minimize swelling and a dark appearance.

What Causes Sunken Eyes?

Potatoes can be applied below the eyes while lying down for about 20 minutes. Tea contains antioxidants and flavonoids. Using tea bags improves sunken eyes by promoting circulation and relaxing the eye nerves and muscles. Steep two tea bags for at least 5 minutes. Squeeze the liquid from them and make sure they are not too hot for the thin, sensitive area below the eyes.

Place under each eye for at least 10 minutes. Black tea is available for purchase online. Cucumber is a popular home remedy for dark circles and sunken eyes.

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Cucumber slices can be placed under the eyes for a cooling effect and to reduce swelling and skin discoloration. Fish oil is rich in fatty acids, making it an anti-inflammatory that promotes healing of damaged cells. Fish oil can be applied by breaking open a fish oil capsule and putting the oil on the skin under the eyes. This should be done before going to bed for up to 4 weeks. Lemon juice is nature's bleach, and when applied to the skin below the eyes it aids dead skin removal and discoloration. It is essential to dilute lemon juice with water to reduce skin irritation, and to keep it away from the eyes themselves.

Lemon juice is available for purchase online. If sunken eyes appear to worsen with time, despite getting more sleep and staying hydrated, and if they are accompanied by other symptoms, a person should go and see their doctor. Based on a physical exam or symptoms, a doctor may request further tests to determine the cause of sunken eyes. Most of the time, sunken eyes are not related to life-threatening conditions.

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  8. If they are linked to aging or genetics, they do not usually cause other problems. However, any concerns about a person's eyes should be addressed first by talking to their doctor if they are affecting their self-esteem or causing depression and anxiety. Dry eye syndrome is an eye condition that occurs when the eyes do not produce enough tears or when the tears evaporate too quickly. It can cause a lot…. The eyes are incredibly complex organs. In this article, we explain their anatomy, how they work, and describe some conditions that affect the eyes.

    A look at periorbital edema, a condition where swelling around the eyes causes them to appear puffy. Included is detail on diagnosis and the outlook.