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Chiaramente poi lo stravolgevo e lo modernizzavo. Insomma, il periodo degli urlatori. E quindi per me il punk italiano doveva partire da queste radici. Per cui la prima cosa che feci s'ispirava chiaramente a quello: "Bianca Surf". Sul retro c'era "Photoni", che era una specie di punk rock elettronico.

Johnson Righeira, futurista

Certo, per forza. Anche loro erano dei pionieri assoluti alla costante ricerca di nuovi linguaggi. Purtroppo non hanno ricevuto il riconoscimento che meriterebbero. Soprattutto per il fatto che hanno creato dei raccordi fra la scena italiana e quello che succedeva nel resto del mondo. Cosa che alla fine hanno fatto anche i Righeira: se in Germania c'era " Der Mussolini ", voi rispondevate con "Balla Marinetti".

Tipo anche risse, cazzotti No, no, quello no. Questo nostro legame col futurismo all'epoca non era molto popolare, soprattutto a sinistra. Questo fatto dei finti fratelli Esistono delle foto da qualche parte. Poi facevamo sempre le cose insieme allo studio grafico Atipica, erano amici e ci mettevano sempre idee importanti.

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Immagini del futuro che si sono rivelate poi involontariamente profetiche. Avevamo anche una canzone intitolata "3D". Che sta in Bambini Forever , anno Ma ritorniamo al vostro lavoro insieme. Poi successivamente abbiamo fatto delle cose insieme, ha fatto delle cose lui, si lavorava insieme a delle idee con i produttori.

Ma tu sei il compositore principale giusto?

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Tranne "No Tengo Dinero". Anche quella ha una storia dietro. Quale storia? All'epoca gli astronauti italiani non esistevano. Amore cosmico, insomma. Amore che non esiste nella vita! Quindi hai anticipato anche il modernariato spaziale dei Daft Punk, per certi versi.

Beh a livello d'immaginario e suoni, se ci pensi Infatti mi piace moltissimo. Si sono rinnovati e hanno sviluppato quel discorso solo in quanto parte del vostro progetto. Li avete portati anche all'estremo della ricerca sonora per un prodotto pop di quel tipo. Indubbiamente "Vamos Guarda, nessuno ha mai fatto caso al testo. Di che parlava? Di ritorno alle radici, all'essenziale We live inside the walls of the city.

We will arrive home inside an hour. He has inside information on the Palio. The inside of the church is dark. You can improve your Italian without having to read a thing.

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The sun is shining outside the school windows, and the teacher is droning on about objects and subjects. Use a sentence from your first-grade book to look at what an object is … Jack throws Jane a ball. First things first. Take a minuto to find the verbo in this sentence. Remember, verbs are where the action is. Next question: Who threw the ball? The million-lire question now is, what did Jack throw? Answer: The ball! In sentences with two nouns following the verb, the first is generally the indirect object, the word that tells to whom or for whom the action was done Jane.

Jane, never one to say no to a challenge, decides to keep the ball rolling. Analyze the next sentence for its subject and object pronouns: She throws it back to him.

La Bella Lingua Make a list of 10 topics you would like to be able to talk about in Italian. Drawing from Esperienza Have you ever studied another lingua? Perhaps you took spagnolo when you were in high school. At the urging of your parents, you might have studied Latino, and after three semesters of it, all you can remember are the words veni, vedi, vici came, saw, conquered. Per esempio, if a noun is feminine singular, its adjective must also be feminine singular, as in la lingua italiana. La Bella Lingua Pull out your old notes from the last time you studied a foreign lingua.

The familiar form, tu, is used with friends and children. Your body will remember in ways your mind will not.

Mezzo vampiro

Studying aloud will get your mouth into the habit of helping you to ricordare. Understanding the different parts of speech takes away the mystery of learning a second language. Italian Pronunciation Initially, it seems as though anyone speaking Italian is singing. There is a continuity and fluidity that reminds you of a beautifully sustained note.

This has a great deal to do with the fact that almost all Italian words end in a vowel and are often pronounced as if joined together. With few exceptions, Italian pronunciation is very easy to learn. As a phonetic language, what you see is what you say—at least most of the time.

The key is to understand the basic differences between the English and Italian rules of pronunciation. The same ci is used in the word ciao. Nonetheless, after some time even these sounds will come easily to the attentive listener. When pronouncing Italian words, keep your tongue and mouth alert.

Italian requires clean diction with clearly pronounced vowels and s. Double consonants in words such as anno year , birra beer , and gatto cat should be emphasized. Avoid sounding overly nasal or guttural. You will see less of the pronunciation in later chapters. Flip back to this chapter if you are not sure of how a word should be pronounced.

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  5. Unlike English, however, the Italian alphabet contains only 21 letters, borrowing the letters j, k, w, x, and y for words of foreign origin. The written accent is also used to distinguish several Italian words from others that have the same spelling but a different meaning.

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    Exceptions exist, making rules rather difficult to follow. Some words are stressed on the third-to-last syllable, such as automobile ow-toh-moh-bee-leh and dialogo dee-ah-loh-goh. Other words—mostly verb forms—are stressed on the fourth-to-last syllable, such as studiano stoodee-ah-noh , and telefonano teh-leh-foh-nah-noh.

    In the future, consult a good dictionary when you are unclear about which syllable should be emphasized. Generally, you will see either an accent placed above, or a dot placed below the stressed vowel. Some Italian letter combinations are seldom found in English.

    These sounds include the gl combination in words such as figlio son pronounced fee-lyoh ; the word gli the pronounced ylee, like the ll in the English word million ; and the gn combination, seen in words such as gnocchi potato dumplings pronounced nyoh-kee , and bagno bathroom pronounced bah-nyoh, like the ny sound in canyon or the ni sound in onion.

    Always remember to enunciate vowels clearly and not to slur your words. Say what you see.

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    Double consonants should always be emphasized—but never as separate sounds. They should be joined and slide into one another, as in the word pizza pee-tsah. Now curl the tip of your tongue and exhale. You should get the beginning trill of a rolled R. Once you get it, be subtle—a little trill will do. The following table shows how the vowels are pronounced. Read aloud to practice. Once you get the hang of it, Italian is so easy to pronounce that it would be just as simple to read the words without the pronunciation guide. Most Italian consonants are pronounced like the English ones.

    Roll on. La Bella Lingua The best way to remember how a particular letter combination should be pronounced is to simply recall a word that you already know. The word Chianti is pronounced with a hard c, as in kee-ahn-tee. The rules change depending on what vowel is connected to what consonant. How do you say …? Question: Come si dice ice cream in italiano? Answer: Si dice gelato.