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The real estate agent is a WMU grad and former men's rugby player.

Fundamentals Of The Up & Under

Gyorkos said he expects the bar to attract a lot of attention from alumni and the community. A Facebook post announcing the building was up for sale picked up nearly shares and 90 comments within a few days. It features bar seating, tables and booths.

Four billiards tables are used for league play, though the tables, dart board and arcade games are not included in the sale. Almost 40 flat screen televisions in the property, most on this side, do come with the building. Photos provided by Kalammazoo Commercial Real Estate.

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The property features over 7, square feet of entertainment space for people. Will Rugger's remain open after the sale? That's up to the buyer, Gyorkos said.

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Up and Under is the spacious main section of the building. Only the top 3 schools from each heat will be awarded points. A team of 5 people who identify as a man and 5 people who identify as a woman will line up facing the back of each teammate.

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The team must pass a rubber kickball from one end of the field to the other by either passing the ball over their head or under their legs, alternating with each person the first person must start passing the ball over their head, and the second person passes the ball under their legs, the third passes the ball over their head, and so on.

The games is complete when the ball has traveled completely across the field and all players have passed the finish line.

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  6. A violation of any of the following rules will result in a warning:. If the ball falls to the ground, then it must be taken to the front of the line, and the players must start again where they are. Once the whole team has crossed the finish line and all the players are seated, the team is then finished.