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I am still full of other ideas including some travels. Also I want to move a bit more for my health instead of sitting too long behind the computer. You can use all information for yourself. If you use infos and fotos for any other reason like publications please know, that there is still Copyright on all of it by myself and others. I am German. I did my best to write most in English. If I missed some ,,,,,,,,, please take some of these and put them on the right place Churchill!

Bye Bernd Tesch. Welcome on this site! Bem Vindo! Bien Venido!

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Do you know this in other languages? Ein weiser Grieche zu Zauderern. Geschickt von Jens Hohnsbein "I have seen it all. I have said it all. I have heard it all". Send to me by Heiko Held. It is free for you to read this and learn out of it. It is not allowed to take off or to publish any information of this without written permission of Bernd Tesch. Tel 0 So far you find many language and grammar mistakes inside because of lack of time. Will be corrected and updated with more Europe-Travellers in future. Bernd Tesch has been working in this field since Later Fax helped.

I own the largest archive of World-Travellers in all continents. To find all this and all my activities was a "life-long job" and cost me a lot of money. About Motorcyle World-Tours. ISBN DM I own all this books in all languages.

If you find this book there you can order it. English books are reviewed in English in the catalogue. If you are have travelled Europe by Motorcycle extensively or plan to do this or "on the road" already or know anyone who is not listed here, please send my any details, addresses, publications, homepages and most important: best pictures. I would be very grateful if you can offer me especially informations of "Historical European Motorcycle-Travels".

Purpose: To see more than just the village I was born.. Route : Europe Bike solo by plane to Singapure. I flew to Singapure. Malaysia - Thailand - back to Singapure. Or offer names like: Darwin - Adelaide - Melbourne - Sydney The best: I wanted to find myself. Climbing the Himalayas The worst: I got Malaria in Nairobi.

Attack of soldiers with weapons in Iran Important useful tips and informations for others Book or publication about your tour Earlier travel-experiences:??? I am very grateful to all the individuals who informed me since worldwide by meeting me, phoning, sending letters, later faxes and emails since about Motorcycle-World-Travellers including Europe. This internet-list had to be done in many days but too quick, because I did not have enough time.

So please give me your "pardon" that there are mistakes inside of the informations and a lot in my language.

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If you would have read this above you will be disappointed that there is nothing listed so far. The reason is very easy: I am a one-man-business and have preferred so far to take my time to update the other continents. Bye Bernd Tesch How to see and print out free of charge or to buy maps for your mc-tour?

The earth is one of nine big planets of the sun. Possibly out of change of gravity in the universe it was caused that dust attracted each other at first to smaller parts which are getting bigger and bigger. Finally becoming big rocks which attracted each other to big planets. Most of them were attracted by the biggest part which is the sun. The nine planets could escape somehow the gravity of the sun and started to circle around the sun. Dieser Motor stand fest am Boden, um Arbeitskraft zu erzeugen.

Gottlieb suchte ein leichteres Aggregat, das Bewegungskraft erzeugen sollte. Am Viertakt - Motor. Around the world on a bicyle. Solo-Weltumrundung auf einem Hochrad von Stevens. Here are some suggestions. This gives us an active period of approximately years. By people were already using motorcycles as tools for extended travel, such as one Dr. Herzog, a German doctor who used the vehicle for his professional travel, logging kilometers in eight months, colliding with only two horses in the process. Two early adventure travelers were G.

Schwarz and W. Fotos aus dem Nachlass von Ernst Neumann. Ernst Neumann-Neander vermutlich auf Deutschland-Tour. Ernst Neumann-Neander ist ein vielseitiger Mensch: Zeichner. Lehrt Lithographie und Farbholzschnitt. Entwerfer von Auto-Karosserien und Motorjachten. Motorrad-Rahmen-Lizens an Opel.

The Viral Storm The Dawn Of A New Pandemic Age

Literatur dazu: Ernst Neumann-Neander. Leben und Werk. Von Reinhold Kraft und Dr. Katalog zur Ausstellung im Stadtmuseum Euskirchen vom Alle oberen Angaben stammen aus diesem Katalog des Stadtmuseums. Angaben hier abgedruckt mit Genehmigung von Frau Dr. Hochzeitstag von B. Frau Dr. Im Dicken Turm. Oberste Etage. Wie kam es zu dem Namen Neander? Neander bedeutet im Griechischen "Neuer Mann". Antwort Frau Dr. Neu: Telefon: 0 24 02 9 03 Olivier Gleizes. Postcard from Claudio Sericano. Sieger der Distanzfahrt Drerad Aachen-Berlin Das war noch richtig abenteuerlich. Moutaineering by Motorcycle.